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OG WhatsApp

The Top-of-the-Line Mod of WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2024 New Update

Customize Themes

Hide Online Status

Built-in Security Lock

Support Dual Accounts

Repost Story or Status

Send 90 Images at Once

Latest Update: A day ago | New Version

The latest official version of OG WhatsApp , featuring several new features and a unique theme design. It offers a wide range of useful features, such as customized themes, password-protected settings, and high privacy functions, setting it apart from WhatsApp. The changes are impressive, including over 1000 unique themes, a built-in lock, and numerous vibrant emojis, demonstrating the creator’s attention to detail. Best of all, this communication app is completely free, making it an excellent value. With an official OG WhatsApp APK available for download, it’s time to discover its appeal and enjoy its many features.

History Behind OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp was developed by Alexmods, who drew inspiration from the official WhatsApp. Following the launch of Alexmods’ version, another developer named HeyMods also introduced their own iteration of OG WhatsApp. Both versions offer a plethora of amazing features not found in the original WhatsApp, which has led to the rapid popularity of the OG WhatsApp APK download. As a result, more and more people are choosing to use these modified versions of WhatsApp.

The creators of OG WhatsApp promised to continuously add desired features to the app, expanding on what the original WhatsApp was lacking. They have kept this promise, providing a simple, practical, and secure communication service for users. This app has redefined what it means to be an advanced WhatsApp mod, offering features that go beyond the limitations of the original WhatsApp.

The latest version of OG WhatsApp download offers users increased security features, including the ability to choose who can contact them, see their profile picture and status, delete sent messages, and hide their online status. These features make it one of the most dependable messaging apps available. In addition, the developers have added new features to the latest OG WhatsApp APK, which are all listed below. Come and explore these features to see if there are any you’ve been eagerly anticipating.

OG WhatsApp APK: Better Features, More than WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp has been significantly improved with a wide range of new features, making it a more secure and user-friendly communication service.

Customize Themes

Hide Online Status

Built-in Security Lock


Support Dual Accounts

Repost Story or Status

Send 90 Images at Once

Enhanced Protection of Privacy

Anti Ban APK

If you’ve used modified versions of WhatsApp in the past, you may have experienced the frustration of being banned. WhatsApp frequently monitors these modified versions and prohibits the use of third-party modes. However, the latest version of OG WhatsApp download has overcome this issue, so you no longer need to worry about being banned. You can use the most recent version of OG WhatsApp without hesitation.

Password Protected

Since the introduction of WhatsApp, users have been searching for a reliable app locker on the Play Store. The lack of an in-built lock function in the official app and the absence of any trustworthy third-party app lockers has left users frustrated. Although some lockers may offer a dependable lock, intrusive ads on the lock screen can be irritating. Therefore, the ability to set a password for a specific conversation is an essential feature of OG WhatsApp.

Hide Online Status

One of the latest features in OG WhatsApp is the ability to hide your status for privacy reasons. You can conceal your presence status on WhatsApp so that nobody can see when you last used OG WhatsApp. Additionally, it offers other features like “freeze always online”. Updating or changing your status is also available on OG WhatsApp APK download. You can simply go to Settings → Privacy to control who can see when you’re online.

Block Specific Contact Call

The ability to disable call reception for specific contacts is a useful feature in OG WhatsApp. If someone is repeatedly calling you on WhatsApp and you don’t want to block them, you can simply turn off the call reception option in their contact settings. However, it is important to use this feature with caution in case of an urgent or emergency call. In addition, the original WhatsApp offers various methods to decline calls, including not answering, call declining, and having no internet. OG WhatsApp is constantly adding amazing features for its users without any cost. Download it now to explore these benefits.

Unlimited Customization

Colorful Themes

OG WhatsApp offers over a thousand unique themes for users to choose from. You can select any theme you like by downloading the OG WhatsApp APK on your device. If you are tired of the standard themes available on the official version of WhatsApp, this feature is definitely worth exploring.

Latest Emoji

OG WhatsApp’s latest collection of emojis is not only funny but also better than the original ones. Moreover, a more exciting set of stickers is available on the OG WhatsApp APK, which can add more spice to your conversations and make them more expressive. By adding multiple stickers and emojis, you can always create happy moments while chatting with your friends and family.

Bubbles Style

OG WhatsApp allows you to customize the appearance of your conversations, including changing the style of bubbles. To do so, go to Mods, click on Conversation Screen, then tap on Bubble And Ticks, and finally select Bubbles style. This is just one of the many customization options available on OG WhatsApp APK download.

Inbuilt Status

In contrast to regular WhatsApp, where you cannot download others’ statuses at will, OG WhatsApp provides the feature to download statuses/stories shared by friends and family on WhatsApp. This makes it easier to save and share those special moments with your loved ones.

New Chat System

Calling Unsaved Numbers

OG WhatsApp’s latest version has a convenient feature that allows users to text or call a contact without having to add their number to the contact list first. This feature comes in handy when you need to make a quick call and don’t want to save an unwanted number on your device. It saves time and eliminates the need to save a number before making a call.

Increased Characters For Group name

WhatsApp is best known for its group talking. Users like chatting in the group when all of their friends are online, sometimes the conversation never stops for a long time. Setting the group name has a limit on WhatsApp. Luckily, OG WhatsApp APK download gives us a higher character limit. It has exceeded the character limit to 35, compared to the official one 25. Setting the name of your WhatsApp group fantasy can be achieved easily in OG WhatsApp, you have full access to write the full name of the WhatsApp group.

Pre-built Message Scheduler

OG WhatsApp has introduced a popular feature called “pre-built message scheduler,” which allows users to schedule messages to be sent at specific times. This is particularly useful if you tend to forget to reply to your friends’ messages or want to send a message at a more appropriate time without disturbing them. With this feature, you can set a custom message text, time, and contact. However, it is important to note that a stable internet connection is necessary to ensure that the message is sent successfully.

Increase Characters in Written Status

OG WhatsApp offers an extended character limit for written status compared to the basic version of WhatsApp, which is limited to 130 characters. With OG WhatsApp, users can write up to 250 characters for their written statuses, making it easier to express themselves and share longer quotes or messages. If you often find yourself exceeding the character limit on WhatsApp, consider downloading OG WhatsApp to enjoy this fantastic feature.

Send Up to 90 Images At a Time

Sending multiple images is an important feature available in the latest version of OG WhatsApp APK download 2024. The original WhatsApp has a limit of 10 images that can be sent at once, which can be time-consuming when you need to send multiple images urgently. By downloading OG WhatsApp, you can send images in bulk without any limitations, which saves time and provides a better user experience.

Differences Between OG WhatsApp VS. Original WhatsApp

What other features does OG WhatsApp have that exceed users’ expectations? Here is a comparison table of the two and a detailed explanation of the features. Check if there are any features you’ve been waiting for!

File Sharing Limit1GB15MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Built-in Lock
Hide Online Status
Hide Chat Status
Anti-Delete Status
Call Restriction
Customize Themes
Free Last Seen
Icon Customization
Anti-Delete Stories
Change Chat Backgrounds
Listen to Audios Before Sending
Share High-Quality Photos
Make Own Stikers
Translate Messages Instantly
Disable Forwarded Tag
Airplane Mode
DND Mode
Backup to Google Drive

OG WhatsApp APK 2024 Latest Version Info

Here is some essential information about the latest version of OG WhatsApp. Click the download button below to choose the version that suits you and start downloading. Discover the app’s exciting features and enjoy the enhanced user experience!

App NameOG WhatsApp
Last updatedOne Day Ago
Size60 MB
Requires Android5.0 or Above

What’s New in OG WhatsApp 2024 Latest Version?

01 Added Features

  • Preview pictures or videos without saving them to the device.
  • Repost Story or Status.
  • OG WhatsApp backups now can create a .zip file.
  • The default “translate to” language can be chosen in the dialogue for faster translation
  • Click on 3 dots → Save to Gallery and you can save the image or video after previewing it.
  • You can create polls and vote in the group.

02 Improved Features

  • Improved Anti-ban, more secure.
  • Move Backups to the Storage/Documents folder.
  • Select “Theme” from the settings to avoid problems. Change the home screen icon to Moon/Sun.
  • Move Translate Option Settings

03 Fixed Bugs

  • Even if you uninstall WhatsApp, the backup will remain.
  • Fix message scheduling page crash on some devices

How to Complete OG WhatsApp APK Downloading Process?

It is quite an easy task to download the OG WhatsApp APK 2024 new version. Following is the step-by-step guide for downloading and installing OG WhatsApp:

Step 1. Simply click on the WhatsApp OG APK download button given above to get the official and safe files.

Step 2. Wait for the downloading to complete, hit on the install button. Remember to enable Unknown Sources to avoid any errors. To do that, head on to Settings → Security and switch on the Unknown Sources option.

Step 3. Tap to open the installed OG WhatsApp and click on agree and continue. Provide all the necessary permissions required for the app to work.

Step 4. Enter your phone number and verify it by entering the OTP you received on your phone. You can start to enjoy powerful features of OG WhatsApp.

FAQs about OG WhatsApp APK

Q1. How to Update OG WhatsApp?

You can download the latest version of OG WhatsApp from our official website to ensure the safety of the software. It is important to avoid downloading from unreliable websites, as they may contain viruses or unwanted ads. Our website provides download links that are free from any harmful elements and guarantee the safety of the software. Visit our website now and download OG WhatsApp to experience its amazing features!

Q2. Is OG WhatsApp Safe?

You can prevent getting banned by downloading this anti-ban APK. The safety and security features of OG WhatsApp have made it safe for usage.

OG WhatsApp does not contain malware so far. You should not root your phone to download on it. OG WhatsApp will still work on rooted devices without any problems.

Wrapping up

Convenience is the key factor when choosing software. OG WhatsApp stands out with its unique design, additional layout options, and consistent commitment to future updates, making it the best option for messaging rather than the original WhatsApp.

Although none of the new features are necessary, they can enhance the user experience and make WhatsApp more tailored to individual usage habits. OG WhatsApp is an impressive software with no major flaws, and it is expected to remain popular for a long time. It goes beyond the basic functionality of WhatsApp. So why wait? Click on the OG WhatsApp APK download button and start enjoying it!

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